Audacity stuttering Dante input

Hi all!

I am setting up a small voice recording studio with the university I am working for. We already have audio distribution via Dante in place for most of our workflow (video studio, video mixer, Final Cut, ++) and this is working very nicely for us. I am however, unable to get a proper recording when using Audacity.

A brief overview of my current setup:
Mics are connected to a RedNet X2P Dante Preamp. This is connected to a dedicated Cisco switch (as is all other relevant equipment). I can the use Dante Controller to route the signal where I want. On the other end I have a MacBook Pro connected to the same Cisco switch. I can monitor this signal and confirm that it sounds correct from various equipment in the network, for example in FinalCut Pro X. However, when I use Audacity, selecting the Dante Virtual Soundcard as input, the recording (and real time monitoring) are stuttering. It is as if only the first half of every second is being processed. I am attaching a screenshot to illustrate.

I have confirmed that the sample rate is 48kHz around the workflow and that the encoding is set to 24 bits on both the RedNet interface and in Audacity.

If anyone have had similar issues I´d really like to learn what can be done!

Magnus Overli, University of Bergen, Norway
Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 09.10.52.png

I don’t understand how you got that screenshot. In the device toolbar you have the “number of channels” set to “2 (stereo)”, but the recorded track is single channel mono. :confused:

You left out the step where you created the “Aggregate Device” and assigned it to the input. What does the aggregate device consist of?

– Bill

Hello Magnus,
Did you find a solution to this … I am getting the same problem.

This seems to be the same stutter rate.
Mac OS 10.14.3 Audacity 2.4.2, have also tried earlier versions of Audacity.
Recording from DVS input works fine with other software, Reaper and Garage Band but not with Audacity.
Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 14.09.59.png

Is DVS running with a 48kHz sample rate?

Success! I’m running Audacity 3.1.3 on Mac OS 10.15.78 with DVS 4.1.2
I set the buffer at 50 ms and the delay compensation at 10 ms, finally smooth waveform