Audacity stuck on splash page with Compiled ASIO builds

I Compiled both 2.1.3 and 2.2.0 versions and they both freeze on another Win10 Machine. I have an Exasound e22 and a ADL gt40a.
Both of them use ASIO drivers and I use to ADL to record tapes, LPs…
It used to work fine but started to hang on the splash page a few weeks back.
I decided to recompile but I’m stuck with the same issue

It works fine on the machine I compiled it with (which also has an ASIO device).

Fairly sure it has nothing to do with compiling as it will work just fine on 2 other PCs (One w10 and other w7).

I recall having seen something about unsigned drivers and 1 out of the 4 files of my ADL GT40a is not digitally signed if this may be the source of the problem.

I can only start it if I start it in safe mode and i delete what’s in %APP/Roaming first…

Ironically it used to be the opposite a few weeks bakc where it crash on the machine I compiled with and work fine on the PC I use for recording.

Both Compiled 2.1.3 (MArch download) and the latst from github as of today hang on the splash page.

The standard AUdacity w/o ASIO works on the problematic machine

Thx for the help!

Given the random changes in behaviour from week to week I think you might assume problems with the affected machine/sound devices. You may have an over-inquisitive security scanner for example.

You could debug by connecting only one sound card at a time when you launch Audacity.

If the offending machine lacks Visual Studio, be sure to add “msvcp120.dll” and “msvcr120.dll” from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\redist\x86\Microsoft.VC120.CRT (or the corresponding “C:\Program Files” folder) to the folder Audacity runs from. Remember that debug builds won’t run at all without Visual Studio on the computer.

You should allow up to four minutes for ASIO Audacity to load. It can take that long.


I’m getting the same issue on Windows 7. Audacity will hang at the splash screen for a good 2 minutes when I have Ableton also open and ASIO-connected to my presonus firebox.

Once it starts, playback works fine through the Firebox, I’m not sure if it’s connected via ASIO. Certainly not WDM, these are separate options also listing for the Firebox.

Happening since 2.0.x for me. When I updated to 2.2.0 I started fresh as well.

Downloaded from the site.

I’ve tried this configuring Audacity to use the card via mme, wasapi and wdm

I’m a bit surprised that it works at all.
ASIO requires exclusive access to the audio device, which means that while ASIO is using a device, nothing else can except by using it via ASIO.

Audacity cannot ship with ASIO support due to licensing issues, so Audacity cannot use a device when the device is being used by ASIO. My guess is that after 2 minutes, ASIO times out and releases the device, allowing Audacity to connect.

To see what Audacity is using, look at the “host” setting in the device toolbar.