Audacity stops recording after 8-25 seconds

Hello everyone,
This is my first time coming to the forum :slight_smile:
Anyway, I have a problem with Audacity. So far, it’s the only free recording software I’ve used that doesn’t distort my audio recordings…so that’s good. However, when I try to record a track, I can only record about 8-25 seconds before the program just stops recording altogether. I can stop the process myself and then go back and listen to what did get recorded, but being able to only record 8-25 seconds of audio is very inconvenient, to say the least.

I am using Windows 11.
This computer
With an M-Audio M-Track Solo connected to this XLR condenser mic

If you need to ask about my settings, by all means, do so :slight_smile:
The host is MME and I am recording in Mono.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Maybe you have enabled Audacity’s sound-activated-recording ?

Sound activated recording is not enabled. Nor is overdub.

If it’s powered via the computer’s USB, that can trigger a reset after a few seconds use and loss of connection.

Audacity’s free competitor OCENaudio can use ASIO drivers, (Standard Audacity does not).

OH! I had no idea about the USB thing! Thanks so much. I’ll give OCENaudio a try. :slight_smile:

There are USB cables which take the power from 2 USB sockets, they can be the cure to a peripheral being automatically disconnected because it’s draining too much power from one USB socket.

OCENaudio will require (free) ASIO4ALL software for you to use ASIO audio drivers.
[For legal reasons, standard Audacity does not use ASIO].
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