Audacity stops playback and record

Audacity stops playback and record up to 10 times per song, for up to 5 seconds at a time and has done this for years on every update, making it hard to record or playback. I’m a musician and record stuff all the time. Help!

Something is interrupting the audio and hogging the system… There is often lots of “junk” installed on new computers.

Some troubleshooting tips

Or there is a FREE online book about optimizing your computer for audio.

What stuff, exactly? When most people complain about recording music, they’re talking about YouTube performances. What do you mean?

Do you use Cloud drives or internet connected storage services? That’s not reliable with Audacity. Stop doing that.


Every time I have that problem, it takes me a few minutes to remember that the connection on my microphone is touchy and doesn’t like the cord being kicked. Since it’s happening on different audacity rollouts, it’s more likely an issue with your hardware or operating system, or some other constant.

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