Audacity stops / hangs mid recording

Audacity 2.2.2.

I’ve been using audacity for the past 6 months with no problems. Now after recording for a few minutes the recording hangs/stops suddenly. Since updating to 2.2.2 the problem still persists. Nothing in my machine has changed during that time. If I press the space bar after it freezes the program hangs for a second then works again, but the recording has stopped. I’ve got plenty of disk space left. Not sure what the problem is?

Attached screenshot for reference. It just hangs like pictured. In fact this time it stopped after only a few seconds. But usually it’s a few minutes.

Audacity may be struggling for system resources.
This is a plain USB microphone? What’s the show? The panel suggests there are multiple USB things connected. What are the others? Or did I miss the graphic information? Describe the recording.

As a first pass, shut down your machine and disconnect the network if it’s wired. Start and shut down any BlueTooth, WiFi or games. If you have Skype or other chat programs that automatically start, shut them down.

Does Audacity still stop for no apparent reason?