audacity stopped recording on Mac from Behringer Xenex 1204

Greetings, I just started working with Audacity 2.2.2 on a Mac with Mac OS 10.13.13 High Sierra and a Behringer Xenex 1204 USB Mixer with Rode lapel mikes. When I initially set it up I plugged the usb cable into the mixer and into the Mac. I turned on the mixer, plugged in the mikes, got levels and pressed the 2-TR/USB button in the source section of the mixer. And viola, it worked. I then stopped the recording and deleted that file. When I created a new file and hit record, nothing happened. I got a flat line. I have it set to built-in output and USB Audio Codec input. I did not change any of the mixer controls. I am completely stumped. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could have done? I have audio on the mixer.

Best, Scott

Audacity gets sound from the computer, not the device.

Apple > System Preferences > Sound > Input. Do you see your mixer there and does that sound meter bounce?

I don’t know why it would stop working mid-stroke like that.

Do you have “help” on your machine? Skype? Close all other sound programs including games. Restart the Mac.


You should know that if the USB is interrupted for any reason, Audacity will lose the sound device—forever. Restart Audacity or Transport > Rescan…


Greetings and thanks for the replies. 2nd poster, I tried Transport . . . too avail. And is forever until restart or really forever? The first reply, can you give me more info on what anywhere I am looking/for? In sound preferences I see USB Audio Codec and internal microphone. In the audio midi setup app I have 2 codecs. #2 is input and it has the microphone icon next to it. I am VERY new to this. So please understand my often not understanding what you are asking. I assume that everyone here was new at it at some time. It sounds like form what you are saying that my Mac does not see the Behringer mixer. Is that what you mean?

Best, Scott

In the Mac System Preferences, “USB Audio CODEC” should be the Behringer mixer.

Please run through the steps on this page.

– Bill