Audacity skipping while recording? How to fix?

Topic. I’ve followed most of the instructions on the troubleshooting page but it’s still skipping enough to interfere with my recording. Some steps just don’t work on my computer for instance there isn’t the option to set Audacity to a higher priority in Windows 10.

It seems to happen with some songs more than others? Not sure why though. I’ve turned off anti virus and all that.

My rig is pretty decent, it’s a gaming PC. On some days it records fine and then some days it just skips a lot. Is it just technology or am I doing something wrong?

There is a tool called [u]DPC Latency Checker[/u] that can help to track-down whatever is interrupting/hogging your system. (Luckily, I’ve never had to use it so I can’t help you with it.)

And if you really want to “dig-in” there is a free online book about optimizing your computer for audio called [u]Glitch Free[/u].