Audacity skipping when recording

I managed to record one song fine but when I try the other I get a LOT of skipping during recording. Googled but its all too technical for me. Not sure why some songs work and some don’t…the original karaoke has no skipping.

Help me Obiwan Kenobi you’re my only hope!

Try to minimize multitasking.

Or, try increasing the [u]Latency - Buffer Length[/u].

…The operating system is always multitasking. When you record, the digital audio data flows at a smooth-constant rate into a buffer (like a holding tank). Whenever the operating system gets around to it, the data is read from the buffer to the hard drive in a quick burst. If it doesn’t get-around to reading the buffer in time, you get buffer-overflow and a glitch.

A buffer is also a delay (latency) so if you are monitoring yourself through the computer, a big buffer and longer delay can be a problem. If you are not monitoring yourself through the computer there is no downside to a bigger buffer and more latency.

There is also a playback buffer. The playback buffer works the opposite way… It’s filled in a quick burst and the audio stream comes-out at a smooth-constant rate. In this case the danger is buffer underflow.

Ok I’m already running very few programs. Thanks for the advice though!

I fiddled with the Buffer Length and Track Shift a bit (Basically increasing them to 250 and 150) and I found that I could get one song to work, but another one still skips. Is there a way to fix this or is this a case of every situation and song is different?

There’s a laundry list of things to try. As above, Windows machines are not audio recorders. They’re general purpose machines we’re trying to sweet-talk into recording audio.

Which other apps are you using at the same time? Chat, Skype or other conferencing? Browser or Cloud connection?

Restart the machine but do it with Shift-Shutdown, wait and then Start it. Not plain Restart.

Did it take forever to wake up? When was the last time you checked drive health and defragging? All of these oddball things can show down the machine and slow doesn’t do sound very well.

Is the drive plain filling up? What is the drive size and how much room is left?


Running almost nothing except Audacity. Defragged. About 50 GB free.

Can you make it worse? Sometimes just the ability to change it either direction is enough to suggest a cause.

Post a WAV copy of 20 seconds mono or 10 seconds stereo to the forum. Make sure there are skips included in the clip. Sometimes we can rip one apart and get a clue that way.


Here you are. Thanks for all the help so far.

I just wanted to record some covers…why does life have to be so complicated…