Audacity Skipping/Glitching When Recording

hey so ive been using audacity for nearly four years and have been recording music on it with no problems but lately in the past month ill be recording a track and when i go to play it back i keep getting these skips or glitches in the track that didnt happen when i recorded originally. I’m so confused because this has never happened before and i already checked my memory which is 340/698gb (is that too low?) and also downloaded the newest version of audacity2.1.1 but the problem persists. please any help or suggestions would be appreciated

So you’re playing old songs that used to sound perfect, and now they have skips in them?

340/698gb (is that too low?)

That’s a partial number. Did you mean 340GB out of a possible 698GB? Nothing wrong with that. 340MB is far too low for entertainment production.


No I mean more like I tried to record a demo a few hours ago and when i played the track back to hear it there were skips in it.

*oops yea i meant to say GB!

If you really meant 698 GB RAM then you must be on Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8.1 Pro or 10 Pro. Are you?

You can try reinstalling 2.1.1 with “Reset Preferences” enabled, which will give you factory default Audacity settings. See How do I reset my Audacity settings?.

See this long list of things to check that might help avoid skipping:

If you need more help, please state exactly what audio device you are recording with (and your version of Windows). Consider what might have changed on your system immediately before the problem started.


hey so i was reading my computer wrong it’s 4GB Ram for the entire computer! running on Windows 7. do you think it could be a lack of memory? the audio device is reading from a usb drive

Audacity 2.1.1 does not record to memory, so lack of memory is one of the least likely reasons, unless you are trying to run games, video editors or other memory intensive apps while recording.

Turn as many other apps off as you can when recording.

What exactly is the audio device? Is it a USB interface like Fast Track Pro? What recording device do you have selected in Device Toolbar?

Or do you mean that in Directories Preferences you have the Audacity temporary directory set to a USB drive? That would be a likely cause of skips because USB drives are much slower than the hard drive or solid state drive.


no im not running a lot of programs while im recording. the recording device in the audacity toolbar says microphone C-Media USB Audio Definition).do you have any other ideas why it might skipping? (btw your advice is very appreciated ty)

But what is it, exactly? Is it a microphone that you sing directly into? Is it a USB sound card that you have some other microphone connected to? Is it a USB guitar? Is it a USB tape recorder? We cannot see your computer so can only go on the information you give. Give us the makes and model numbers of all these devices.

Is this USB device connected to a USB hub? If so, don’t do that, because that is a likely cause of skips. Connect it to an empty USB port. Restart the computer, to replenish all resources.

Have you done any of this yet: