Audacity settings for Cowin E7 bluetooth headphones?

I canʻt get Audacity 2.3.1 to play through my Cowin E7 bluetooth headphones. (The headphones work fine with iTunes, VLC, etc.) Under Preferences > Devices, Iʻve set the Playback device to E7 which displays next to the speaker icon on the Audacity interface. Hitting Play results in this error: “Error opening sound device. Try changing the audio host, playback device and the project sample rate.” The project rate is 44100 Hz, I believe the audio host is Core Audio (the only choice I have), and Iʻve used Built-In Output as the output device (as well as E7) and neither work. Iʻm on a Macbook Pro with High Sierra (OSX 10.13.6). Has anyone run into this with the E7ʻs? Thanks.

I would not recommend using bluetooth speakers / headphones with Audacity. Because Audacity is designed to support bidirectional audio, including mixing and resampling on the fly, it is a lot more demanding on the sound system than simple playback only media players. Bluetooth audio is pretty complicated as the audio has to compressed to reduce the bandwidth, encoded with a unique device ID, transmitted via bluetooth, received by the headphones / speakers, decoded and converted back to PCM before finally being converted back to sound. It’s not uncommon for bluetooth audio to struggle (dropped connection / clicky playback / etc) even with simple playback only media players. The additional demands placed by Audacity are often too much for bluetooth audio devices to handle. Wired audio connections are much simpler, more reliable and more stable.