Audacity separate channel input NEED HELP!!!!!!

I recently upgraded to a new laptop from Windows 8(old laptop) to windows 10 (new laptop). I use Audacity for my podcast show. I make it so coming from the mixed I am on left channel (channel 1) and the other two hosts are on the right channel (channel 2). This makes it easy for me to edit and since separated to filter out things at ease. On the new laptop, it won’t let me separate the input single to left and right and just comes into the software as mono. I have downgraded the software to the other laptops version (2.1.3) and still the same issue. I have selected all the input options with no change in the results.
Please if someone can let me know what to do as the old laptop at times will slow down and I lose some of the recording.

Where is it “coming into the software” from?
Are you recording from a 2 channel USB interface of some sort?

If it’s only recording the left channel, (as dual mono), have a look at your recording device properties (advanced) to see if it is accidentally set to mono, see …

(If the left & right are combined into mono it may be occurring in the mixer or cabling).