Audacity Segfault after loading a project

With latest git master version, I got a segfault (SIGSEGV).

I use Debian sid, linux 4.18

I load a wav file (from a Zoom H6 recorder).
It loads the file and just at the end of the loading process, before removing DC offset and Normalizing, it crashed.

I’ve done a bt in gdb and a git bisect.

The git bisect says:
511b810fdcb6bb418e915dc4295661c49dec3ec4 is the first bad commit

And you will find the backtrace attached.


audacity-bt.txt (6.7 KB)

Thanks for the report, and for taking the trouble to debug.
The Audacity 2.3.0 tarball is, or will be marked as “experimental” as we are now aware that we have some problems with it.

We are planning a short release cycle for 2.3.1 which is focussed on stability, so I’ll log this, and pass the information that you gave on to the developers.


Thank you for help investigating this.

I suspect there is more than one crash bug happening here, and that it may not be deterministic, so your bisection may not be correct.

First, you should know that one known crash in Linux was lately fixed with this commit:


So if you try to bisect again, I suggest you cherry-pick that commit each time, to eliminate the known problem.

Secondly, the commit you reported as the first bad one is in fact a merge commit. The difference between it and one of its two parent commits is empty.
Therefore, a correct bisection of a DETERMINISTIC bug would not have identified that commit. But perhaps this isn’t deterministic. So, if you repeat the
bisection, I suggest you try to let the crash happen a few times.

Finally, please identify the commit you built when you generate a crash report.

The stack trace you gave mentions std::function, and many uses of that are new in 2.3.1 development, but were not present in the commit you identified
as the first bad commit. This makes me think there is more than one bug. If there really is some crash reliably reproducible at commit 511b810fdcb6bb418e915dc4295661c49dec3ec4, it may be a different bug and a different stack track for that will tell us something.


I think I understood :slight_smile:

I’ve just rebuilt the latest one:
commit 0a55b27d2dde0def0391c7b79c1811de22643d82 (HEAD → master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)

I got a segfault.

See the bt attached for this one.

I will do the bissect later (it is quite time consuming).


audacity-bt-20181003.txt (4.72 KB)

I just (tried to) rebuilt 511b810fdcb6bb418e915dc4295661c49dec3ec4
1 - I cannot cherry pick a17af37c1ef9a4611add492d8ba02d1dfb270210 on it
2 - There is a compile error (see attached file)

audacity-3ec4-build-error.txt (5.57 KB)

I’ve rebuilt the latest version. I didnt get a crash but a report from audacity. Please find it attached. (22.2 KB)

Commit b5a7b67cb713462250557e0d189a7e910853e1e3 has fixes for crash issues (it’s the latest version at time of writing).