Audacity sees Audiobox USB but won't record Studio One audio

Audacity 2.4.2
Windows 10.0.19041 Home Version
Gateway NE56R laptop w/8GB RAM
PreSonus Audiobox USB connected to laptop via USB
PreSonus Studio One Artist
Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer connected to Audiobox
via 5-pin midi cables and instrument cables

I have been using a USB midi connection from my synthesizer to my laptop along with standard 1/4" instrument cables into the inputs of my Audiobox USB to record into Studio One, then mixing down into Audacity. However the USB cable from the synth to the laptop puts out a high frequency buzz so I finally switched to standard midi cables to run from the synth to Audiobox. I can record directly into Audacity through Audiobox but I can’t get Audacity to record Studio One output anymore. Studio One still recognizes the Audiobox. Audacity recognizes the Audiobox. But I can’t get a level from Audiobox for Studio One. Audacity Device Toolbar is: Host: MME; Line: Audiobox USB; Stereo Recording Channels; Speakers: Audiobox USB. I’ve read every tutorial I could find on Audacity for all of the various settings but still nothing.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Forum help works around somebody having the same or similar conditions, equipment, or setup as you. If you have enough of a unique setup or environment, then nobody will have any idea why it doesn’t work.


Okay, thanks Koz.
How about this. I can record directly into Audacity with external hardware, but I can’t record in Audacity from You Tube or anything else with audio coming from my laptop. If I solve that I may be able to solve the Studio One/Audacity issue. Attached is the audio device diagnostics generated by Audacity and an image of the device toolbar screen from Audacity.
Screenshot 2020-09-28 15.30.51.png
deviceinfo.txt (5.88 KB)