Audacity sees Allen Heath Xone 96 but does not pickup any signal

Hi all
I am using Audacity 3.0.3
MacOS Big Sur 11.4

Trying to record from my Allen Heath Xone 96 connected via USB type-B into the Allen Heath and USB type A into a dongle.
Other software does recognize Allen Heath and so does Mac Sound Utility (I can see bars of sound coming from the Xone in the recording Sound settings of my Mac)
I’ve watched all the YouTube tutorials, read the Xone 96 manual, read Audacity FAQ.

there’s just no signal when I’m playing the mix, the monitor in Audacity shows 0 sound.My Mac does show sound in input from the Xone 96.
Has anyone faced this issue?How can I get Audacity to pick up the signal from my Xone 96 so I can record mixes?I know you’re supposed to press the Channel 11/12 toggle down, but that didn’t help :frowning:

Much love to anyone who reads this

Also, I have allowed Audacity access to my microphone.
Mic sounds show in the monitor but when I switch to Xone - nothing.
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I’ve read that three times and I still don’t understand what you are trying to say.

“Allen Heath Xone 96 connected via USB type-B into the Allen Heath”
Does that mean that you have a USB type-B cable plugged into the “Allen Heath Xone 96” ?

“and USB type A into a dongle”
What is the “dongle”?

Have you asked at Allen-Heath Support: ?
or at the Allen-Heath Community Forum: ?

Yes correct, it means I have usb type b into the xone 96,
And since macs nowadays have only usb type c sockets I am using an adapter(dongle) to connect the other part of the cable to my mac

The “dongle” is some sort of “USB splitter”? You are sharing one USB port on the Mac with the Xone 96 and “something else”?

I think he means a USB-C to USB adapter. I use one of those to connect my UFO-202 to my Macbook Air.
– Bill

nothing wrong with the cable, sorry I thought I was going to be useful by describing such specifics.
Just tested out recording works through Traktor. Sees Xone perfectly and picks up signal
Not Audacity though

Check your computer’s “privacy” settings (See:


Experiencing exactly the same problem on macOS 11.5.1 with DJM 450.

The integrated sound card works perfectly in Traktor. So, the problem must be Audacity specific. What do you think?

It used to work: the sound card was recognised and usable in Audacity. But recently, it starts to become unstable. Now it does not work anymore.

Any hint or idea?

Thanks and kind regards,


Check your computer’s “privacy” settings (See: No recording level)

I had this issue with both Audacity and OBS. The problem seems to be that even though the mixer shows up as an audio device, it’s channel 11 and 12 that are the master outs and the driver does not have access to control which one is selected. I’m kinda speculating here, but if you go into the midi audio settings in OS X, you can even see all the channels listed, but there is no way to control them.

Loopback solved the problem for me and for a mere $100, it will solve it for you too. Note, that the monitor setting is not required, I just set that up as another test. Simply add the mixer as a device, add an output channel, connect channels 11 and 12 to the output and you’re good to go.

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