Audacity screen recording not working

Audacity screen recording is not working on a new computer with Windows 11.

Screen recording works fine on an old computer with Windows 10.

All audio settings are exactly the same.

I have the latest version of Audacity

Can anyone help?

Generally this is because new computers ship with microphone permissions turned off. Check your Privacy Settings:

Thank youI have Windows 11 o an HP PC. I have been on the phone for an hour with a computer tech regarding my problem, with no success. Used to be I could easily record music for my personal use directly from YouTybe with no problem. It does not work anymore. I get error codes saying no valid alia recording device etc. When setting up the audio there is no option for my speaker,s which used to be Realtek but are now an upgrade… Audacity does not recognize these speakers, even though they play perfectly. We have tried everything. Is there any alternative besides Audacity to record music this way?
Please Help.

If recording from Youtube etc you will need Windows Stereo Mix enabled in Windows system sound settings OR via Control Panel Sound. And then Audacity should detect it as an input device, You then need to pick it in Audacity. Can you play sounds in Audacity… do you see the waves moving

And those settings are?

Not all computers have Stereo Mix (I believe it depends on the drivers) but WASAPI (loopback) usually works. If you have more than one audio device you have to select the device where the sound is coming-out, and playback has to start before you can record. You can have a silent audio stream but it won’t work with no audio stream.

Stereo mix is part of Windows 10 or Windows 11. It generally needs to be enabled in control panel System Sounds. If you don’t see it listed then it is probably disabled and you need to show “Disabled” or “Hidden” or “disconnected” devices to see it greyed out. Then click to enable it. Make sure your sound card is using latest drivers… especially after windows upgrade…it could be still using legacy drivers which may generally work but not for everything. Check Windows Device Manager for Yellow question marks or Red Xs… When all is working in windows you should see it listed in Audacity, so pick it,…I also use Windows Direct sound Host.