Audacity + Rega Fono Mini A2D => recording with best Sound


I am looking for an opportunity do digitize a few of my original VinylLPs using the Rega Fono Mini A2D on a a Mac using Audacity. I have not found any Tutorial
of how to rip the LPs in the best quality possible to be converted later to Flac-Files for the Pono-Player.

I have not found any useful Dialog to set the best Input-Settings (24Bot/96Khz) or better in Audacity ??

Where can I set the Input-Settings for the Rega-Thingie ?

Thanx in Advance


Have you tried looking at the manuals for the “Rega thingie” and the “Pono player”?

You can choose bit depth, sample rate and dither settings in the Quality Preferences: .

Does that answer you? What is your objective - bit-perfect without dithering? Is the end format 24-bit 96000 Hz FLAC?