Audacity reducing WAV file size when exported


Sorry if this has already been discussed. I’m using Audacity to add metadata to some tracks. I import the (WAV) file, add my metadata, and then export it. However, the new exported file reduces the size by almost 20 MB. I want the exported file to be the same size as the original. Any idea what’s going on? I’m using OS X 10.11.

Thanks for the help!

From what size to what size? What percentage change?


  1. Do you use some other application that can read metadata in WAV files?
  2. Audacity is a poor choice of metadata editor because:
    a) it is slow (the audio file has to be read from disk and then rewritten back to disk
    b) unless you are using 32-bit float format, the exported file will probably not be a bit perfect copy of the original.