Audacity Recovery Utility

One out of every 15 Audacity recordings that I make gets “lost” and I need to use a free “Audacity Recovery Utility” program to recover the file. It might be a good idea to make this program (or one like it) a part of the Audacity product. Corrupt files can happen to anyone - so it would be nice to recover them without downloading a separate program.

Audacity 1.3.13 should recover projects automatically in the event of a crash.
If you’re not using Audacity 1.3.13, you can get it here:

If the

One out of every 15 Audacity recordings that I make gets “lost”

is due to Audacity crashing (not some unrelated computer/software issue) it would be helpful if you could give a lot more details about what is going on. Audacity is very stable and should not crash (with very few well known exceptions as listed in the “readme” notes (see section 3. Known Issues at Release one 1.3.x).

To be a bit more precise, Audacity 1.3.13 is very stable.
There are known problems on some previous versions. In particular, Audacity 1.2.x is not supported by modern Windows versions (Vista / Win 7) and is likely to crash quite regularly on some machines.

It’s faulty. I was doing my music and it crashed. I reopened it and it gave me the option to recover my work. That’s what I did, but then the moment I clicked recover it crashed again and then the next time I opened, it didn’t give me the option to recover. I check my temp files and everything. It was all gone. I hate how this app even crashes so much to begin with.

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I just want to say, that exact same thing happened to me as well.

I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how to recover my last project that:

Crashed, was reopened, and recovered, only to crash again, and not provide a recovery option a second time.

Also, I 100% agree with Suncrafter. That would be awesome!