Audacity Recovery Utility Troubleshooting plz hlp

Hi, I negligently moved the data(.au) files from their original location and can’t remember where that location was and now my .aup file won’t open in audacity. I have a folder that I renamed “Audacity Temp” that is in my documents and have assigned that folder as the Temporary files directory location. I have been trying to then use Audacity Recovery Utility to recover those 661 .au files and recover this .aup but it says,

“See the logfile’C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity Recover Utility\audacity_recovery.exe.log’ for details”

I then tried to recover fewer files at once and received the same error message when trying to recover as few as 2 .au files at once. I then downloaded and used Recuva and recovered the autosave file, but when i tried to open it I again received another Error that reads,

“Error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1870”

I don’t fully understand how all the files can be together in the computer and somehow not be detectable to audacity. Where are data files stored by default by audacity? I have all of the 5 second data files, but I can’t get them into the program in the right order.

I’m at my wits end but i need this file. I considered manually importing and sorting each of the 661 5 second .au files but would prefer never to have to do something like that.

Please help. I learned my lesson and will export for backup immediately after recording ends from now on.
Thank you,

Is the Project an Edit or a RAW Capture?

Open the AUP file in a text editor (don’t save anything) and read it. There should be a listing called projname=". That’s what the original show was called.
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 20.17.28.png
My show was called MyMusic and this is how it looks.

The snippets are six seconds long and they are intentionally randomly named, further, an edited show is scrambled on top of that.

Rather than play multiple timezone tag, I would probably make a fresh 60 minute show (Anything. Generate > Noise.) and Save the Project. It was 60 minutes, right? Then open the _DATA folder and see what it did.


If this was a raw capture, then it is recommended you Export a WAV (Microsoft) sound file immediately at the end of the performance. I think the mono limit on that is six hours, but I need to check.


I negligently moved the data(.au) files from their original location and can’t remember where that location was

What was the goal? Were you trying to solve a problem, or just messing around? It’s scary that we could recover your original problem.


There’s a 2GB legacy limit to WAV files.

Three hour stereo WAV (Microsoft) works out to 1.91GB.
44100, 16-bit, Stereo

So mono would work out to six hours. Past six hours you’re not doing production any more, you’re recording surveillance and the rules change.


If this was a mono original RAW capture, then you are a candidate for Disaster Recovery. It uses the time and date stamps to rearrange the little AU files.

See if there’s anything in here. This assumes a missing AUP file and a mono raw capture.