Audacity - recovery of files

We have had a user do a load of sound recordings (all different and about 20), the end result, that was uploaded to a onedrive storage area, was 20 files of different names, but with the same recording. Not sure what has happened here, but i need to try to recover the original files as they are “exam recordings” I have done a complete search of the laptops HDD looking files with the .mp4 file extension, but have found nothing. (There is nothing in the recycled bin for this user).

Any other suggestions? thanks

Which Audacity?

Was the upload performed from within Audacity? That is, the user opened the performance and File > Export to One Drive?

Unless the user intentionally exported each work to a separate M4A file on the local HDD, closed Audacity, and then pushed them all over to OneDrive, Audacity may have scrambled the account.

Early Audacitys didn’t understand non-local drives. It assumed that any drive it could see could be used for any job. It was recommended that all production be on the local drive and only then push the work off to outside drives if that was the requirement.

There is a note at the top of the forum that cloud saving is now possible.

The Fine Print Detective will assume that if you don’t save Audacity Projects and/or don’t use AUDIO.COM, the world will end.

Others may post.


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