Audacity records intermittent

I play record but after a couple of seconds stop to record and then continues recording again even if I’m playing the guitar or singing constantly without stop. Any hint? I attach a screenshot (in this case a guitar was being played during the whole recording period, but it only recorded during a couple of seconds).

Check Transport > Transport Options > Sound Activated Recording

Hi, thanks for the ansewr. I put it “on” and records again from time to time but if I play for e.g 30 seconds, it records again only 5 (pict attached). However when I play the track, it plays it avoiding the silent moments. It’s like it drops the silent parts so it. Not sure if it’s clear what I’m trying to say. In the picture appears as if I recorded 3 second while in fact I played the guitar for around 10 sec.

As additionally info, the microphone on the right (red rectangle on the picture) only increases (green buffer moving when there’s sound) just the couple of seconds that are recorded. Then, even if the sound of my guitar is the same during the 10 seconds recorded, remains without changing.

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