Audacity Recordings in Wave File Format

Hello Audacity Team,
Thank You, for the Audacity program to help small growing ministries like ours with recording of services.

I am “new” in this position at our Church and not really sure how to set up AUDACITY to get the “maximum” BEST CD Audio recordings.
At present time the program is setup to only record 75 - 78 minutes MAX on a CD.
This is really limiting our service recordings!
I have forgotten to start the service recording, because you are trying to WAIT until the Minister gets into the main message, then you get distracted putting Scripture on the screen.

TFC uses a brand new donated HP desktop computer running Windows 7.
TFC also runs EasyWorship Program on this computer for our overheads (Songs, Scriptures, etc).
EasyWorship is used at same time of the recordings, so both have to work together on same computer.

Please HELP me to set up the audacity program to get at least 2 hours, preferably 3 hours of recording without losing any quality of recording on burned CD’s.
Since I am NEW, I will NEED specifics 1,2,3… STEPS I can print: Telling me how to change settings with in the Audacity Program and / or on the HP Computer.
Plz send copy to EMAIL Address I provided for my Church account.
Thank You

The good news is that you probably do not need to make any changes to how Audacity is set up.
The bad news is that the time limit that you are hitting is the limit to how much audio you can fit onto an ordinary audio CD.

If you wish to make longer recording in Audacity, go ahead - it should be able to handle several hours without any problem, provided that the computer has sufficient disk space. What you won’t be able to do is to fit it all onto one CD. What you will need to do is to export the recording in a number of sections - I’d recommend that you keep each section to no more than an hour.

This tutorial is about splitting a recording of a vinyl LP into tracks - the procedure for splitting your recording into chunks that will fit onto a CD will be basically the same:

Sorry, we’re all volunteers here - we don’t provide personal e-mail support.

You’ll have to burn 2 cds.

You can burn MP3 files onto a CD and get about 5 times as much playing-time, but those MP3 CDs will only work in computers (and on some DVD players and some car-stereo CD players). Assuming you are loaning/distributing CDs to the congregation, distributing CDs that don’t play in CD players could cause confusion.

TFC also runs EasyWorship Program on this computer for our overheads (Songs, Scriptures, etc).
EasyWorship is used at same time of the recordings, so both have to work together on same computer.

Not a great idea… Computers are unreliable… Have you ever gone a year without a computer problem? They are even more unreliable when recording while running another application at the same time. If it’s really critical to capture the service every week, I suggest a back-up system recording in parallel. (That can be another computer, a digital audio recorder, a DVD recorder, or a VHS recorder, etc.)

I assume the service can continue if the EasyWorship system fails, but depending on how critical that is you might consider a back-up for that too.

When you buy a packet of blank CDs, it says “80” in big numbers somewhere on the packaging. That’s the maximum number of minutes a Music CD will hold. You are likely to run out of steam closer to 78.

Music CD format is very high quality, standard and fixed. That’s what lets you play a Music CD on any player on earth. They all work the same way. If you try to cram a compressed music file into a Music CD, it either fails, converts the music to 78 minutes, or turns itself into a non-music cd.

Non-music CDs will not, for one intimate example, play in my truck/lorry, and they probably won’t play in your mum’s car, either.

So yes, you’re stuck with Chapter One on one disk and Chapter Two on another for best, perfect production.


Thanks for the answers, they really helped me understand the CD Format better.

I will look at the SPLIT TRACK to see if it will work (We record every Sunday and Wednesday Services)