AUDACITY RECORDING VIA an external usb sound card

I am using WINDOWS 7,AUDACITY 2.0.3, installed by the .exe installer
As my Lenovo laptops Conexant Smart audio HD sound card would not allow me to record on Audacity using Stereo Mix/line functions (resulting in environmental noise from the only available microphone input) , I tried connecting an external usb sound card.
To my delight on installing and connecting my sound card, Audacity immediately recognised the new device and generated stereo mix/line in my play/record options.
However, I still cant get it to record. streaming sound is not indicated on audacity using stereo mix option on the external sound card?
Is there any configuration I need to do or extra leads to connect other than the usb? Have tried hooking up my LINE OUT/HEADPHONE on my computer to the LINE IN jack on the external card but can get any response

Any help much appreciated



Make and model number would be useful. I can tell you how to do it with a Behringer UCA-202, but you might not have one of those.


Many thanks for your reply
The make of the sound card Ive got is of far eastern origin with little in the way of make/model on either the box or instructions other than quote ‘WMA USB 6 CHANNEL 5.1E…audio sound card S/PDIF New LM4-0070’. Sorry, buts that’s all the info I can find…It has a USb port and jack plug inputs for mic in/line in/front and rear speaker and bass out
Maybe some idea of how u set yours up may be a starting point, failing that, to purchase your sound card make/model

many thanks



My USB sound card (UCA 202) has stereo line in, stereo line out, and a headphone socket.
This should work for any sound card that has stereo line in and stereo line out.
The headphone socket is required if you want to be able to hear what you are recording while you are recording it.

Quite simply, you use suitable audio leads to connect the stereo line out to the stereo line in.
Set Audacity to record from the stereo line in.
Set the application that you want to record (the web browser or whatever) to play through the stereo line out.
Ensure that “Software Playthrough” (Audacity Transport menu) is OFF (not selected).
That’s it.

OK Steve

Many thanks for that…
Im getting somewhere with it now

Your help is very much appreciated

Kind Regards