Audacity recording setup

Hi, please can someone help me with my setup!! I am a newbie and losing my rag over the fact that I cannot achieve a good recording setting between my Rodecaster mic, Scarlett solo and Audacity! I am clearly doing something wrong, but get little to no pickup on initial wave recording levels! Clearly not a techie and quite frankly sick of YouTube attempts to help me!! Heeeellllp :unamused:
Many thanks
Alex - the frustrated as heck!

Rodecaster is a sound mixer. Did you mean Rode Podcaster microphone?


Hi, Sorry, yes the Rode Podcaster mic.

I am using a Mac - High Sierra 10.13.6

Thank you, but the Podcaster seems to be a USB-only microphone. It doesn’t need the Solo.

We have to build your system in our heads to do servicing, so that’s kind of step one.

Can you point us to a web page where we can buy your microphone?


We may have just uncovered why the YouTube tutorials didn’t help any. Is this a very old version of the microphone? An odd version you have to special order?

I expect a Dynamic (moving coil type) Microphone to sound terrific once we get it working.


You’ve experienced a dynamic microphone. He’s screaming into one. That’s a Shure SM58.

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 9.04.09 AM.png
But I couldn’t find yours listed anywhere.

I just now noticed his ink. :laughing:



The Rode Podcaster is plugged into the Scarlett Solo via an XLR cable - the Scarlett is USB. I bought the mic from Gear4music

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I bought the mic from Gear4music

That makes much more sense.

The Solo has volume indicators, but they’re not obvious. The knobs turns colors as you talk. Plug everything up but don’t run Audacity.

The little Solo USB light or the USB symbol should be on. The Solo should be set for 48V off, AIR off (if you have that setting) turn the second gain knob all the way off, DIRECT MONITOR On.

Turn GAIN 1 all the way up and speak loudly into the microphone. Never blow into a mic, but you can speak as loudly as you want.

Did the knob turn green and then red?

Plug your headphones into the socket on the right and turn the big monitor knob up. Can you hear yourself?

Let us know.


That’s not a Podcaster, either. It’s so hard to keep track of the model numbers.

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 9.40.43 AM.png


I have just been through everything you asked:

Not running Audacity at the moment,

  1. Unplugged microphone
  2. Turned off 48v
  3. Air not on anyway
  4. USB light on
  5. Direct Monitor switched on
  6. Gain knob turned all the way round
  7. Spoke loudly = halo turns green. I could hear myself loud and clear.
  8. Plugged in mic - turned big knob up - could hear myself loud and clear.

*So sorry about double message - didn’t show it has been sent this end!

Rode Podcaster Mic -


Are you still helping me, this is taking a while to get a response!

A “normal” recording level has peaks up to about half of the track height, with the recording meter showing maximum peaks of about -6 dB.
What are you getting?