Audacity recording only left channel while set to stereo on 2019 MacBook Pro

I’m on a 2019 MacBook Pro, and I can’t figure out why audacity will only record the left channel. I have set Audacity to record in stereo in the device tool bar, I’m using a Scarlet Solo which supports 2 channels. The channels themselves say they are stereo, but every time I record, it’s only the left channel. I have no idea what is wrong, please if anyone can offer assistance that’d be greatly appreciated.

SS below:
(the other audio file in the SS in an old recording, new recordings are only registering left channel)

Additional SS’s if helpful:

Maybe a dumb question but do you have something plugged into both Scarlett inputs? What happens when you swap the inputs?

Yes it does. The microphone on the Left and the Guitar on the right.

You got one of the few good quality microphone preamps that will natively produce a mono audiobook voice track, recommended by ACX.


You can record one track, duplicate it and use the left track option panel to make stereo. So it’s not hopeless.


You can also set Audacity to record mono and it will produce a single blue-wave track that will play to both sides (L and R) of a stereo show.


I appreciate y’all taking the time to respond & for the insight. Turns out the issue was a result of my own confusion. I use a different program to mix, which there, the audio file is converted to stereo. It ended up being a minor difference between PC/Mac, which threw me off. Sorry for the confusion, but thank y’all again!

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