Audacity recording level too low on channel 4 of Zoom Podtrack P4 remote from PC

Can anyone help me with a recording issue? I am using a Zoom Podtrak P4 connected to a PC via usb on channel 4 of the Zoom unit. During my remote connect, the P4 is receiving a strong signal and I can hear my partner vey clearly but Audacity is recording my levels perfectly and his are down around -54db to - 40db. If I set recording levels to 100%, Audacity knocks them down when I talk and he still can not be heard, barely at all. All levels on P4, appear to be set as needed. Signal monitor on board P4 shows strong input signal.

Is the Remote Connect running on the same computer as Audacity? Last time I did something like this, the remote was on one computer, mixer in the middle, but the Audacity recording was on a second computer. Not only did this straighten out any audio management problems, but I could use the second computer to author and play music beds, stingers, and intros into the show.

I think Zoom/Skype/Meetings sound management is conflicting with Audacity’s ability to access the sound channels.

You’re recording the feed going to the remote. If it didn’t do that, the remote would either hear themselves in echo…or feedback. Super annoying.


If your Remote Connect is on Zoom, they will cheerfully record the show for you. I think they will even supply you with individual files for each sound channel.

They figured out really early on that Home Recording of this stuff was not going to work.


There it is. They’ll do 40 minutes free. Longer shows are possible at extra charge.

When I had to do this where I used to work, I set up a conference room with speakers and microphones for meetings of our offices across the earth. But I set up a separate microphone in the middle of the conference room table and recorded the whole room on a separate computer. I posted these for people who couldn’t make the live meeting. (quick, what time is it in Mumbai).

There is a totally sneaky way to record meetings/podcasts. Make a third computer log into the meeting. The third computer has no microphone. Its job is to record everybody else.