Audacity Recording Level Slider Not Working

I have a USB microphone and the recording level slider in Audacity randomly stopped working for me. In the screenshot I have attached you can see that I have the recording level set to 0 and the microphone still records at the max volume. I have tried searching through the forms and on youtube but have not seen anyone else with the same issue. If there is anyone else that has run into this, please help me.

In most cases for a USB microphone, the recording volume is already established at the point of digitization, which will be internal to your microphone. Depending on the drivers, you may or may not be allowed to make further adjustments.

Hey Jademan,

I have a Yeti mic and in Audacity it used to adjust the volume input when I manipulated the slider but now it randomly has no effect. The volume on my microphone is also loud even though I have the manual gain turned all the way down there. If you have any knowledge of why that might be happening that would be great also lol. Thank you for your response! I appreciate it!

Check Windows Microphone Boost. I don’t know if that works with USB mics but it’s something you can check.

Are you recording something super-loud? The Yeti is supposed to be good up to 120dB so with the knob turned-down it should be able to handle anything “reasonable”.

Hey Doug,

That works for me! I was just recording my voice talking and the only thing that would work would be to record fourth away from the mic so it did not sound distorted. I think your solution will work for me. Thank You!

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