Audacity recording freeze

This has been a problem for quite a while for me and it’s gotten to be a real pain. Audacity recording just outright freezes for almost a minute at a time at points.

I posted a screenshot of it here:

Notice how the audio position in the bottom right is still going/ahead of what’s on the time bar/recording? That happens all the time and I have no idea how to fix it. Ultimately it will resume recording (albeit behind the audio timer), and anything I tried to record during that dead time just doesn’t register at all. Need some serious help on this.


Oh, and forgot, my OS is Windows 10

According to Logitech your headset does not support Windows 10.

Cold boot the computer. Windows key, Power button, hold Shift on your computer keyboard and click “Shut down”. You may need to do that every day.


Hey Gale,

I’m not entirely sure what that has to do with Audacity freezing. I have some friends with the same headset and Audacity on Win10 works fine for them.

Of course you can ignore my suggestion and ask your friends instead. You could also try a higher Audio to Buffer in Audacity’s Recording Preferences. I won’t be helping you further.


Except I was just saying that I have doubts that’s the reason when I have friends with the exact same set up and it works fine, I don’t see how that’s reason to pull something like that kind of response.

But fine then, guess I’m moving onto something else to record on.

Just to add, I am not the only “helper” here. But if you are just going to ignore everything we suggest, I think no-one will want to bother.


I’m not ignoring Gale, I’m simply asking for clarification on why you think that’s the issue when I have evidence to think otherwise. I don’t just blindly follow directions.

Cold Boot gives you a brand new kernel session. Otherwise when you shut down normally, you go on and on reusing the old kernel session. Assuming you connect this headset by USB cable, this is very bad for USB recording devices. There is no way doing a cold boot is harmful, exactly the opposite.

For explanation of buffer see

I bow out now.


With one passing shot that has only a small chance of success. You could Reset Preferences using the Audacity installer.


Thanks, I will give them a try then.