Audacity recognises my microphone but won't record it.

Even though Audacity recognises my microphone, it doesn’t record my voice. Can anyone tell me what I can try to make it work, thank you :slight_smile:

What kind of microphone, connected how? A mic built into your laptop? An analog computer mic plugged into the mic input? A USB mic?

What kind of computer & connections do you have? A desktop with a regular soundcard (mic-in, line-in, headphone-out)? A laptop with separate mic-in and headphone-out? A laptop with a combo mic-in and headphone-out jack?

Can you record anything else?

It might also be helpful if you tell us what version of Windows and what version of Audacity you are running.

You should be able to go into Windows Control Panel and select “Listen to this device”, and hear the microphone through your computer speakers (without Audacity even running).