Audacity real-time effects for live streaming (voice connection to client) i.e. with Source Connect/SessionLinkPro

Hello all.

This is my first posting. I have used Audacity for years but am very far from being anything that even slightly resembles a power-user.

My question is whether or not is possible to use the real-time effects capabilities of Audacity to process a voice with VST 3 plugins before sending the signal to Source Connect/SessionLinkPro?

Sending the signal to OBS would be sufficient as I believe that OBS Studio’s output is generally recognized as an input signal for Source Connect/SessionLinkPro and I have successfully used the free reastream plugin to do just that.

The problem is that I must have recording running in Audacity for this to work, which I want to avoid if possible. I have not found a way to induce Audacity to send the live signal to OBS Studio while recording is activated but paused.

Unfortunately, OBS Studio does not support VST 3 plugins and versions beyond 27.2.4 are useless for me in Windows. That is the reason I am now looking to Audacity as a possible solution.

When I began researching this a couple of days ago, I was sure that someone must have wanted to do something similar but I have found no satisfactory solutions.

Chain: Mic → Digital Interface (Scarlett Solo) → Audacity for FX → either to OBS Studio → or directly to Source Connect/SessionLinkPro

There is a free solution from WAVES (StudioRack) but I would rather find a solution without.

Does anyone have any ideas?

IMO not possible using Audacity. Maybe possible via a VST host. (old demo)

Many thanks Trebor.

That did the trick. I tried out a few different ones but landed with the free VSTHost which supports VST 3 plugins.

reastream from the free ReaPlugs pack routes the signal to OBS Studio.