Audacity quit playing sound to headphones or speaker

audacity quit having sound on playback to speaker or headphone, media player working fine so not sound card. I’ve uninstalled/installed Audacity 2x. meter showing sound for recordings, imported mp3 and wav files but no sound to speaker. Same files ok on media player. LAME MP3 installed and was working fine but just quit. i subsequently uninstalled and re-installed and verified LAME Mp3.
help appreciated

Make sure you’ve selected the correct Playback Device. (Windows may have changed the default to something else, especially if you’ve plugged-in a USB audio device.)

…LAME has been built-into Audacity now. If you install another copy, Audacity will ignore it. It’s also used for making-encoding MP3s, not for playback-decoding.

i’ve double checked playback device. they are correct and still doesn’t work

I am having the same problem, and can’t fix it. I have a project to turn in, in two days and this isn’t working. If someone knows how to make Audacity work when this problem happens please help.

i just started Audacity to try something and its working on its own now. i had done a lot with no success–system restore; uninstall and re-install audacity 2 x; shut down and restart 3x. then when i restarted this am, it’s working.
i’ll see if it keeps going. good luck

I have been using Audacity for years without problems. However, I recently updated the version from 2.X.X to 3.4.2. I have the same problem as described above. All Audio Setup parameters match the recommendations. As above, audio from from today and previous Audacity recordings play in Windows Media Player, just not in Audacity.
Help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I really like the product.

I am running a Windows 10 machine in parallel with my new Windows 11 computer. I can swap displays between machines easily, but not speakers and mic. Therefore, I am concentrating on getting the older machine up and running with Audacity.

Audacity’s list of audio devices and settings seems complete.
Device Manager shows the audio device working properly.
Device driver - Microsoft ver 10.0.19041.3636 10/19/23
The AppData Audacity Settings data file is updated each session.
I do sometimes get an error message that the AppData Audacity config file could not be accessed, but Audacity loads anyways with a restart. I downloaded a converted version of the cfg file, but don’t know what to look for.

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