Audacity Project Different After Recovery

I was periodically saving a file I was editing. I didn’t close it after my last save, and I guess my computer reset while it was open. When I opened audacity again, it said that my file hadn’t saved correctly, and I could recover it. I just wanted to go back to my most recent save so I told it I didn’t want to recover it. When I opened it, everything was weird. Whole lines 92% speed and there were repetitive echoing clips where there shouldn’t have been. Parts of the audio were just missing. The whole project was essentially unusable. Is there any way to get back to my last save? There’s not edit history in the project.

Are you in Audacity 3.5?

That’s some fuzzy words. You were periodically saving one Audacity Project by updating it as you went?

Audacity has two other variations where you make multiple projects and if this one crashes, you can back up to one of the others.

You can also Export a WAV backup file and then do it again under a slightly different name later. That’s assuming a simple stereo show.

What you can’t do is continuously update one single project and then have that one project go into the dirt. I think that’s pretty much the end of the show. Someone else may post.


Thanks for responding. What I meant was, I was saving as I was editing. The same way you would with most files. I was not doing saving as to create a new project or saving as a backup.

I’m pretty sure what happened was, I didn’t realize it, but I accidentally accepted the recovered version of my project. That version was super weird. I know that’s not at technical term, but it had decelerated duplicates of random selections of audio on new tracks. Also, just random moments of silence in on an original track. I’m still pretty new to audacity, but I’ve read it keeping track of the undo redo stack. I was wondering if there was a way to get it back to a previous state. I gave up though and just re-edited my projected based on the last working project.

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