Audacity Pro???

Does anyone know anything about “Audacity Pro” being sold for $6.49 on the Microsoft Store? Is it a scam? I have a Windows 10 Surface running in S mode and I can only install apps from the MS store. Thanks.

I’m not a legal expert… It might be a copyright* violation of the Audacity name but it is legal to modify open source code (as long as the new code is also open source) and I’m pretty sure it’s legal to sell open source software.

I’m not sure if it’s “Audacity Pro” or “Audiotonic” but there is something similar that uses a different-incompatible project format and then you can’t open your projects unless you pay for the software.

  • Correction - Yeah, I meant trademark.

First I’ve heard of this. There is no official version of Audacity in Microsoft Store at this time (it may become available in the future).

“Audacity®” is a registered trademark. I’m not a lawyer, but the name “Audacity Pro” would appear to be a clear violation of our trademark. I shall pass this information on to the relevant people.