Audacity prevents computer from going into screensaver, and prevents monitor from going to sleep

Why do this to me?

Note: Even with Audacity minimized, it’s still listed as controlling the display, and still preventing screensaver / monitor sleep.

Audacity isn’t a sound editor. It’s a Project editor and if you didn’t save a Project, it thinks you’re still editing the work. When it asks you to save the Project, say “no.”

Screen Shot 2024-02-27 at 6.55.20 AM


Thanks for the reply.

But I didn’t really make any changes. I just open the project, set it to loop endlessly, click play, and walk away to enjoy the looping audio, and come back six hours later and discover that my monitor is still turned on, and it’s damaging my monitor.

But besides all that, I really don’t understand why saving or not saving the project should have anything to do with it needing to prevent my monitor from going to sleep.

So, I’m pretty sure this is a bug, in that it is taking control over the display, whereas it has no need to take control over the display, especially when it is minimized. So I’m posting this as a bug report, and I’m not really asking for help on this issue, since I already exported the audio and I’m looping it in a different audio player, so I’m fine now. But it’s still a bug that it kept my monitor on all night last night, and probably damaged my monitor slightly.

Doesn’t count. As long as the Project is active, Audacity will hold the system on.

Yes, that’s old news. Export the work, close all the applications and don’t wait for the monitor to go to sleep when I leave. I come back hours later with the “Save Project” message burning a hole in the monitor.


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