Audacity & Presonus 1818VSL Audiobox

Is there any way Audacity can pick up the Stereo Master out (form the 1818VSL hardware) or the master out from the Audiobox software ?
At the moment I use an extra Presonus Firewire 2x2 to route the 1818VSL Master out back to the PC.
It would be nice if this can be picked up directly in software by Audacity.
Remember I dont need the full 18:18 inputs into Auidacity, all I need is the Master out either from the 1818VSL hardware or from the Audiobox software.

I tried rewire, but it completely killed my XP Pro installation, taking it down and I had to reinstall, so I don’t use rewire again.
I also gave up on Presonus’s Studio One DAW as it is extremely flakey, so I am looking for an open source solution.

I read the previous posts on 1818VSL but could not find relevant info.


Chances of somebody having your exact installation are zero, so the best we can do is try and extrapolate from the web pages and instructions on each device. This may take a bit. Koz

I read the previous posts on 1818VSL but could not find relevant info.

I couldn’t, either.

Does the 1818VSL appear in Windows controls panels as an Audio Device? If you can’t get it that far, then Audacity will not be able to help you. Audacity can only use sound provided by the computer/Windows.


They are available in “some sorts” FireBox devices shows up very well, with Firebox labeled and which input.
They are present but only a small selection e.g. the 8 inputs on the front and two line inputs.

What I really need is to receive the Audiobox Software Main stereo output after the mix (that would go to monitors) semt or picked up by Audacity, so I can record what Audiobox produces.

The way I use it now is to patch the 1818VSL’s master out (which is same as Audiobox’s master out) back into a 2x2 Firebox, which I can then pick up with Audacity. this all causes a bit of latency as the digital signal is converted to Analog, then sampled again by the Firebox.

Also Presonus Firebox does not work nicely on the same PC with the USB 1818VSL. The 1818 causes the Firebox to lose connection every10 seconds or so causing a click in the recording. They work separately, but together they have issueswith firewire interface and USB interface oon the same machine. Really looks like bad programming to me.