Audacity Preferences don't work on Mac M2 Ventura

Hi there, good day.
I’ve got a new MacBook Air M2 (16GB, 1TB running MacOs Ventura).
As soon as I got this new machine, I’ve downloaded Audacity (it was 3.2.2 at the time), went to preferences and did all the changes I’m used to from years of using and it was working like a charm.
Yesterday I downloaded 3.2.5. and went to preferences to check it and make (if necessary) adjustments.
All the changes I’ve made were gone.
Worst, I did everything again - dark mode, wave form (in green), enabled all the effects I want and disabled the others etc etc.
Now… every time I quit Audacity and be back, all the new preferences were gone.
I turned off the Mac, turn on again and nothing. Back to the “basics” configs, the new ones were gone.
Not even the waveform in green (which is softer to my eyesight) - it stucks with the orange one.
Any ideas?
Thanks a lot.

Are you running Audacity 3.2.5 from the DMG?

Yep. Downloaded again today.

My point was that you need to copy the Audacity application from the DMG to your Applications folder and run it from there.

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