audacity pre-roll, post roll

Hi, please advise. I have a recorded vocal, but I want to modify it. How do I choose only the part I want to fix, but the recording started in my selection? I need what is in video 8:13 but in studio one prime, please thank you very much.
I need to delete the recorded part and then run the song and record it only to the marked place, how in audacity? (8:13)

Audacity does not have “per track play lists”, so we need to modify the approach and use a new track for each take.

Tip: For working with multi-track projects, it can be useful to set the “Solo” button behaviour to “Multi-track” in Preferences.

The first thing to do is to make a backup copy of the track, so that if we mess up, we have something to go back to.
In this illustration I duplicated the track (Ctrl + D) and muted it.

Good Practice Tip: Always make a backup copy of a recording by exporting it as WAV or FLAC, immediately after you stop the recording.

The backup copy is muted (“Mute” button pressed) so that it won’t play. I would normally collapse this track to save screen space by clicking the Track Collapse Button.

I’ve also marked the part that I want to change with a label, which is not really necessary, but is for illustration purposes.
The “bad part” has been silenced (Select the bad part, then Ctrl + L), but only in the working copy of the track - do not edit the muted backup copy.

Next I need to extend the selection a bit so that there is some lead-in / lead-out (pre-roll / post-roll):
And now I’m ready to record the “drop in” (punch in). So I just click the play button (Shortcut “R”), and Audacity starts recording on a new track, and stops automatically when it reaches the end of the selection:
That is basically it.

Optional extras:

You don’t have to mix down the tracks as they will be mixed down automatically on export (muted tracks are not included in the mix), but if you want to mix the tracks, select the tracks that you want to mix down and apply “Tracks > Mix and Render”.

If you want to practice the drop-in before recording it, just use the play button (Shortcut: spacebar) rather than the record button.

After the recording stops, press “space” to listen back to it. If you’re not happy, Ctrl+Z to undo.

If your timing is slightly off, you can use the Time Shift tool to adjust the position of the new clip.

The dropped in recording has some lead-in / lead out silence, which may contain noise. That can be trimmed, faded, or fully silenced if required.