Audacity Plugins

I recently installed some DSK Plugins (VST plugins by DSK Music [a company]) and followed all of the steps. They were guitar plugins, but they don’t show up anywhere when i turned on Audacity. I am looking for the word “guitar” when i look for them, am i looking for the wrong thing? How do i access them? They don’t open separately, I’ve tried. I’m so confused. I just wanted something that worked through Audacity that allowed me to make guitar sounds without the guitar itself. (I also have a drum one, a choir one, and a bass one installed, all of which are doing the same thing) I apologize if this is already up here. If anyone could help, it would truly be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit > Preferences > Effects > [X] Rescan next time… (select)


I tried that before posting this, i got nothing.

Sorry, Audacity does not yet support VST instruments.

Ok thanks! :slight_smile: Can you suggest a software i could use in the meantime?

For Windows - Reaper.