Audacity Plugins to change voices from Male to Female

Hello Audacity Forum,

I sent Steve, the Admin, a PM about this. However, I thought others may find the information thread useful for audiobooks.

I am blind and have written 3 fantasy books. I want to make audiobooks for myself, my family, and my blind friends and social workers. Is there a plugin for Audacity that can change my MALE voice to a FEMALE voice, without using the “Change Pitch” effect? It doesn’t work for me. Vocal sounds like a male with a pitched voice…not a female.

If it cannot be done in an Audacity plugin, can someone recommend a Voice Changer? I have VoiceMod and I’m not pleased!


R Bryan Anthony

I don’t have any experience with this myself, but you could do an internet search for “male female voice changer”. Let us know what you find.

Vocal sounds like a male with a pitched voice…not a female.

Audacity has never been good at gender transformation. As you found, the difference between male and female is not an ordinary pitch change.

If a woman and a man whistled, made mouth noises, or whispered, you would not be able to tell which was which, but the instant one of them spoke, it would be immediately obvious. Effect > Change Pitch changes everything. That’s why it sounds fake.

It gets worse. I played a man and a woman once by shifting my microphone spacing and acting the woman part. The director loved it.

Lauren Bacall’s voice was lower pitch than Humphrey Bogart. “You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve?”