Audacity Plugins Query

When I start Audacity ( I have updated to the latest version) I notice that before the programme opens I now get a strange screen !
It appears to be a new scanning procedure to check for plug ins. From trying to read up on the subject it may be a new feature but I am not sure. The scanning takes a couple of seconds before the programme opens.
Can this scanning be turned off or is it better to let it do its job ?
I tried to attach a screen shot ( .doc file) but it was refused ( The extension doc is not allowed). If you require a copy please give me an email address that I can send it too.
Best wishes,
Peter Saphier

Audacity is looking for VST plug-ins. If any VST plug-ins are present they should be detected and Audacity will not scan again until you tell it to.
If no VST plug-ins are found, then Audacity will repeat the scan each time it starts.

As it appears that you don’t have any VST plug-ins installed, you can disable the scanning by going to “Edit menu > Preferences > Effects” and disable (de-select) the VST options.