Audacity Plugins for Podcasters

Quick Question - I’m coming back to podcasting after a 2-year hiatus and wanted to know if there are any recommendations for Audacity plugins and/or addons outside of LAME. I previously used a compressor addon. However, I have read that isnt recommended. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



That’s just too fuzzy/open-ended.

What’s the show? What’s the goal? Are you gamecasting? Skype interviews?

Assuming your basic recording is without obvious errors (P-Popping, Hissss noises), I would be tempted to use Chris’s Compressor. Chris can take whatever you did and even it out so there are no wild volume changes over the course of your show. He designed it so he could listen to opera in the car. So that’s the metaphor. Listen without constantly turning the volume up and down.

I use it on a download/podcast show to simulate the broadcast version. The podcast is missing the broadcast compressors and limiters, so listening to the podcast during hiking or long, romantic walks on the beach is painful without some help.


Missed a step there.

For my use, a stiff compression, I change the first value, Compress ratio from default 0.5 to 0.77. The density and evenness goes up and it’s an almost perfect copy of the local NPR station compression.


I’m taking you at your word that you’re doing an actual podcast. The AudioBook people have a very different set of rules.