Audacity plugins collection for linux users

In the below website there have a collecttion of plugins

The latest versions of the Nyquist plug-ins in that collection (and many more Nyquist plug-ins) are available on the Audacity wiki:
The versions on the Audacity wiki are the officially approved versions.

Have you personally tested all of the plug-in on your blogs? The “delayflip” item on your blog will not work.

When I tried to download delayflip only the nyquist code is displaying. So i saved it as a txt file and i copied this code and paste it on nyquist prompt in effect menu in audacity. Thus it will work

Also Thanks For Audacity WIKI plugin collection.

If you rename it as a “.ny” file, you should then be able to install it as a plug-in.

Thank You Very Much
How can i make a plugin(nyquist)?

There’s two parts to a Nyquist plug-in. There’s the Nyquist code, and the plug-in headers.
The headers are described here (plus links on that page):
There’s a list of documentation here:

Thanks :slight_smile: