Audacity Plug-in path Incorrect

I am running Audacity 2.1.3, on Windows 10, using the exe to install.

I am trying to re-Install Noisegate.ny and Popgate.ny from Nyquilist.

I have downloaded the Plug-in files, and have them in my E:/ProgramFilesx82…/plugins path, however in the Plug-In manager, for these files it has two entries for each of the plugins, they are the same path except one is on the E:/ drive, while the other one is one the G:/ drive. If I try to enable either (or both) of these paths and hit okay, it doesn’t actually enable, it just exits the plugin manger and leaves them as disabled.

About a month ago my mothers computer died, and I had to install her hard drive into my computer to run scans on it, she had audacity installed on her computer as well, I do not have a G:/ Drive on my computer which is making me think that somehow audacity got it’s paths messed up during the time I had her drive in my computer, I have reinstalled audacity a few times, and have reset my preferences as well, but this does not help because the plug-in manager still thinks there is a G:/ drive.

I would really appreciate a response but it’s not something that needs to be rushed, thank you all for your time.

Did you reset preferences and settings using the installer setting?

Does Windows think there’s a G drive?

Are any of your drives network-connected? G is suspiciously high for a simple system.


Yes I reset the preferences using the installer, no windows does not think there is a G:/ Drive, but I have my C:/ and E:/ drive, no none of my drives are connected to the network.

That is odd. Audacity should fresh install with no preconceived notions of what’s there and where everything is. That was the idea behind the “reset everything” check point. Audacity would get stuck and take messing around in the system to straighten it out.

Time for a Windows system elf.


Resetting preferences resets the Audacity application only (it resets the Audacity “preferences”). It does not reset plug-ins.
To reset plug-ins you need to remove the two files:

These files are in the same location as the Audacity “preferences” file audacity.cfg

Unfortunately there is not yet any GUI for resetting plug-ins, so it can only be done manually.
On Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista, look in: