audacity plays recording at super slow speed

I just recorded some audio. When I play it back sometimes it plays correctly. Sometimes it takes about 14 seconds to play one second. When it keeps playing back slowly I just hear hum and noise. I am attaching two videos. In the first, suddenly audacity playback speeds up and plays the audio correctly. In the second video it never speeds up. I did not change anything between these two video captures of my screen.
What’s going on?
Thank you!

Which Audigy sound card do you have? Are Windows 10 drivers available for it from the Creative website?

SB Audigy 5/Rx [D800]

Ensure that you have the Windows 10 drivers from Creative installed (not just generic Microsoft drivers).

Ensure that you do not have other audio software running at the same time - if other software is using the ASIO drivers, it will interfere with the Windows (MME) audio drivers.

Thank you. Maybe other open sound software is the cause. I will experiment with that. Thanks!