Audacity & OS catalina 10.15.6

Recently had to upgrade to the 64 bit Catalina OS. Although previously I could record from online audio, I cannot configure Audacity 2.4.2 to even monitor input. My old settings don’t seem to work. I’m also using the Soundflower app, no version # available. Can anyone provide help in the set-up?
I’m running an iMac 21.5 inch screen, Late 2013 .

The old Soundflower app does not work on Catalina. There is a new version available here (but I have not tried it and have no idea if it works reliably): Release Signed Version for macOS Big Sur (11.1) and earlier · mattingalls/Soundflower · GitHub

To record in Audacity on Catalina, you have to give Audacity access to the “microphone” (meaning all and any audio input) in the Mac’s security settings (Control access to the microphone on Mac – Apple Support (UK))

Side note: The older iShowU driver for self-recording is being changed into SWB Audio Capture, which is in turn only available inside the iShowU Apps. Full Stop.

We have every wish for Soundflower’s success.


Hello. Just browsing the forum and came across this. Presently I use IShowUAudioCapture, will I have to change back to Soundflower? This is Mac 10.14.6 and Audacity 2.4.2.

I am contemplating finally upgrading to Catalina and info on that was the object of my browsing.