Audacity only records the left side [SOLVED]

I’m USB’ing out of an Allen & Heath ZED60-14fx. Only the left side records, with the left side input signal showing up on the VU meter as left & right. Pan the mixer channel input to the right and - nothing. Same if it’s two mono tracks panned or a stereo track. I don’t know if it’s the mixer or Audacity that’s causing this. Is this fixable? Ok for dialogue, not so good for music.

Can we assume it’s OK if you listen to the mixer with your headphones?

Go into Windows sound panels and make sure they’re set for stereo, and the little sound meters bounce in time to the music.

Then make sure Audacity is set for stereo and it’s pointing to the mixer. This is where you can get into trouble if you like to capture YouTube or other on-line music. Those settings can mess with plain, straight recording.

Games and communications programs (Skype) can mess with sound settings, too.


Thanks! I changed the sound settings on the PC and now everything is working fine!