Audacity only records left side stereo

I recently moved to a UR12 audio interface. Now when I record, I can only record left side stereo. All other tracks in my weekly podcast/radio show projects are in stereo. All other hardware and software is the same. There is no adjustment for this in the driver settings. I am forced to work around by mixing down the stereo track to a mono track.

Is this a feature of the new 3.4? I haven’t used the software since updating…because I was forced to change the interface.

Yes, I know mic and instruments are all mono, but I previously could record stereo tracks with both L and R sides

The UR12 should record channel 1 (microphone) on the left and channel (guitar/instrument) on the right.

If you have one silent channel you can make a true-mono track and it will play through both speakers.

…Most DAW applications record multiple mono channels which can be panned left-to-right during mixing, or mixed to mono. Audacity is a little different. Your interface should have come with Cubase if you want to use something else. And/or if you record with Cubase you can still edit in Audacity if you prefer.

I understand the concept of how the unit functions, but I’m unsure if what’s happening is a function of the hardware or new version of Audacity. I find Cubase to be more complicated than even Reaper. The tracks I previously recorded were captured in stereo as per the software audio settings and look like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-06 093635