Audacity only picking up static

Hey guys, just looking for some help.
Set up is Windows 10, Omen 15 Laptop, Focusrite Scarlett Solo (Gen 3), and a Condenser Mic (Uhuru).
I’ve used this set up before to record, and I just brought everything back out to start working on voice work. Audacity is picking up the connection to the Focusrite device, and the Focusrite device is detecting the mic, but hitting record only produces static with no other audio. I’ve tried changing the audio host, but I can’t get it to work right still.
Any help is appreciated.

What does that mean?

Is the signal/loudness LED lighting-up on the Focusrite?

When you plug your headphones directly into the Focusrite and enable “direct” monitoring, is it working?

Does the gain level knob on the Focusrite affect the loudness of the static?

If not, do you have 48V phantom power turned-on?

Yes, the signal LED is lighting up on the Focusrite
My headphones are plugged in directly to my laptop, the static will play regardless of Audio Output. Direct Monitoring is on.
The gain output DOES affect the loudness of the static (Higher gain, louder static)
48V Phantom power is also on.

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