Audacity on Windows 10 Set-up

I recently received an audio-technica AT-LP120 turntable. I am trying to set it up to run on my Dell with Windows 10. The instructions I received with the turntable are all about connecting Audacity using either a Mac or Windows 7. I have tried finding the corresponding links in Windows 10, but have had no luck. Is there a guide for set-up of Audacity 2.2.1 with Windows 10? If so, are there any known bugs or problems with that set-up? Any help appreciated.

Lost in Santa Barbara

audio-technica AT-LP120

Is that perfectly correct? You have the analog version and not the USB version?
Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 19.53.36.png

I do have the USB turntable version. It has a USB plug which is connected to my computer. I do note on the shipping box it reads "Direct Drive Turntable (USB and Analog). So I still have the problem installing the software. The hardware appears to be installed correctly.

You should probably forget the software for a while. If it doesn’t say Drivers for Windows 10, it may not work anyway.

Close Audacity.

Plug the turntable in and turn it on.

Go into the Windows setups and see if you can find it. It should be possible to see the Recording control panel sound meter jump when you play something. I don’t remember how to get there. It used to be under Start and I don’t think it is any more.

After you get it that far, start Audacity. Look at the Recording listing (next to the microphone symbol) and see if you can see a “USB Something.” that wasn’t there before. Select it.

Click on the recording meters > Start Monitoring. Play something. The meters should jump without you having to actually make a recording.

Make a recording.

I do expect this all to work because a turntable is not rocket surgery and should not need crazy drivers to do simple playback. Some of the microphone interfaces have multiple channels or other tricks and actually do need the Driver software.

Where did you lose it?


This is what it looks like in Windows 7 and I don’t think it changes all that much.
It says it’s a microphone but it says that about all recording devices. That’s actually my little stereo interface connected to my iPod and playing a song. That’s the green bouncing meter.


thanks! going to try out your suggestion