Audacity on my phone?

Is there an app for that?
I am collecting bird sounds and am presently recording video but they take up
too much space and eventually I have extract the audio from the video.
I want “Just the audio, please”

If not, can you offer suggestions on an app for me.

Audacity on my phone?
Is there an app for that?

Not yet.

I don’t personally have any recommendations, but perhaps you could just search for “audio recorder” in the App Store.

Yes, there are many. I would like some help narrowing the selections.

There are sound recording apps for the phone. The iPhone has Voice Memo native, but more to your question, it also has downloadable Music Memo which is adjustable and has no automatic voice processing. Move the sound files into your Audacity machine.

We should remember Audacity is not a vast corporation. It’s a tiny group of dedicated programmers and developers trying to hold the program together across three major platforms and many languages.

People wanting to add a platform should also be ready to support it on that platform personally. Let us know.


And doing excellent work at that.
I neglected to mention that I am using android Moto e6 phone.

Three suggestions here: Page Not Found| Motorola Support IN

I’ve just tried “Lexis Audio Editor”. It’s free and it seems pretty good (and easy to use).

Lexis Audio, just installed it. So far so good.
Time to explore it.

If you are looking to extract the audio from the video, Audacity can help in most cases. Just transfer your video file to your PC, then drag it into Audacity. Do NOT keep the project file. Instead, save it to .WAV for lossless or .MP3 for compressed.

Depending on the video file format, there may be other options which can bypass Audacity.

I hope this helps. :smiley: